CTR​-​6 Revolutions

by The Record Collection



released June 8, 2015

Recorded at Scotch Chamber Studios
Engineered by Curtis Plummer
Produced by Thomas McDonald and Curtis Plummer
Mastered by Curtis Plummer
Layout and Art work by Christopher Klinck



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Revolutions
You question the answers.
You want everyone to feel the same.
Your questions mean nothing, with all of your preaching, you pray that the answers will change.
You can't except what they expect of you.
No, you just can't give up and give in.
You wanna stand up for something
that you still believe in,
but don't know where you should begin.

I don't wanna feel that i'm losing it again So, tonight I feel like dancing on the edge
I don't wanna feel that it's all just in my head So, tonight I wanna die with no regrets
If it kills me

You still can't believe it.
It all seems so hard to change.
With each passing moment, your tension means nothing, You'll tell by the look on my face.
I won't except what you expect of me,
No, i won't just sit back and grow old.
If this life, it means nothing
I don't plan on wasting it,
searching for gardens of stone.

When it all falls apart
in the palm of your hands
You try to measure my worth with senseless decisions and bullshit demands.
When it all falls down,
will you get what you deserve.
You scream at the top of your lungs, as loud as you can, just to prove your worth.

But, what are you really worth?
Track Name: Shepard and the Sheep
Don't shake the ground I'm walking.
It's not hard to believe in something.
So, get on your knees, believe, and start praying. Don't hold your breath for redemption.
You'll make so many broken promises,
when everything that you are is held hostage.
So, bring me your cross of gold.
Three cheers for saving souls.
But, I'm not quite sure how better off you'll be. You all need something to believe in.
How bout me?
Don't push the wall that I'm holding.
I built this wall to keep you from knowing
that everything that you are will be stolen.
Now there's a cold wind that's blowing.
There's warmth in these arms that are open.
Have faith in the Shepard and the sheep will keep moving.
Now that your cruel world is ending.
I hope you stayed nice and cozy.
If the man asks, say you don't know me.
Track Name: Neon Glow
She slides on her overcoat.
While the air outside carries the cold
down the road to the old drinking hole
where the kid sits and waste his time.
"Where have you been? What's taking so long?" The tune he keeps singing is the same old song, about how he'll be sure to rush right back home, as soon as he gets done around here

But, you should know
a lot of love gets lost by the neon glow from a bar window.
Say you wanna see it. Don't you wanna go with me to the neon glow. A lot of love gets thrown aside.
Come on baby try and hide your eyes from the neon glow

How could you say that and look her in the face.
She met a lot of lost causes but only made one mistake. That one night only life changing thing
that's always going on around here.
Same bar, the same stretch of space.
Between the jukebox and the cigarette machine.
10 years later ain't a damn thing changed,
and the faith fell away from her face. We all get baptized by the light from the neon sign
Track Name: Part of Cool
She stumbles her way down the road.
She hangs out late night after shows.
Yeah, she looks real cool with her new tattoo. She hopes that they'll notice. (They won't)
She's got an "Old Man" who stops by at night. They try not to mention his wife.
Yeah, she prays one day that he'll come her way, but she knows it's a lie.
I wonder if she'll get a clue.
She doesn't know what guys will do. She doesn't she's being used for a fool. Just to be part of the cool.
She wants to go to the show.
There's gonna be so many people she knows.