CTR​-​4 S​/​T

by Spirits



Record will be available on Feb 10, 2015 and will be available digitally as well
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Pressing info:

100 on clear
200 on smoke
200 on black

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released February 10, 2015

Spirits is: Kevin,Mike,Robert,Kevin,and Charles

Recorded by Robert and Charles at No Control Studios
Mixed by Matt Russell,Robert and Charles
Mastered by Charles
Art by Charles

Spirits supports a drug free lifestyle



all rights reserved



Putting out stuff we like, and keeping it street while doing it.
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Track Name: Breakout
I put my emotions in a shell, impenetrable, the way a "boy should be". Stereotypes create the problems. Break the mold, set yourself free. The pressure grows and you must grow "stronger". Beauty comes from within. I've spent my life running, I've spent my life hiding from problems with no solution. A life of full fledged impact without a backup plan. They scare you into the American dream. I won't fall prey. Father Time has a stranglehold on me. Father Time won’t let me be. The hopes and fears of all the years are here with us tonight.
Track Name: Spinning Webs
I can't believe what we put out there for others to see. Spinning webs from our fingertips until it seems so real. To choose to be angry, and I don't get it. Send it out into the world and it's gone. Wasting a life, wasted my time and I don't want any part. I'm sick, of what I see this becoming. Would it drive you nuts to know that I don't care? I don't care.
Track Name: What Separates Us
Spouting rhetoric and lies filling vacant eyes. A broken system kept in place only serving the discgraced. We trade our humanity for a fork and knife never understanding what we consume was once a life. One day you'll swallow every word when the whispers turn to shouts. Choking back apologies as their blood pools in your mouth. You hold your life in high regard but from them, we're not that far.
Track Name: In My Way
I don't care what you think it is that I say, and I don't care what you think it is that I do, and I don’t care what you think it is that you know. The truth is I don't care, I don't care about you. I don't care. I don't care if you choose to stand in my way. I don't think you understand what it is you should do. I don’t care what it is you think you should say. In the end it's all coming crashing down on you. I don't care. I don't think you know what I mean. I don't think you know what you want. I think you think I care what you do, but the truth is, don't give a fuck about you. I don't care what you think it is that I say, and I don't care what you think it is that I do, and I don't care what you think it is that I want. The truth is I don't care, I don't care about you.
Track Name: Kill This Sound
I'm moving on from memories once held in high regard. From experience and trial by fire I emerged unscathed. I came out unharmed. You tried your best to burn this to the ground. You couldn’t’ have it for yourself but you won't kill this sound. And you think a pile of ash is all you’ve left behind? If you took the time to look around, you might have seen. If you took the time to listen, you may have learned you couldn’t see. If you took the time to self reflect, you might have known that putting this all to the torch would fertilize the soil. And in the place where you once stood a stronger life would grow. Sometimes a picture is worth more than I could say. Your self centered arrogance is your mistake. Now, you’ve gone and spread these lies so you can save your skin. You want the truth so badly? Here it is. Your heart wasn’t in this anymore. You and I on a different page. You want to talk about passion and friendship now but you're the one who turned and walked away. You point a finger to hide amongst the sheep, the other three give your blame a home. I’d never guess you'd stoop so low in life. Good riddance, I’m already moving on.